Friday, 14 June 2013



I want to share with you the little that I know concerning the subject of succeeding and triumphing in the business of life.

Success is a choice and a conscious decision that one makes, just like failing is. The choice lies in the pursuit and dedication of yourself to avenues that lead to the place that one wants himself/herself to be. Real success is not stumbled upon, it takes time coupled with a dose of determination and fanatic discipline to that which replicates the desired result. It does not matter what kind of environment that you grew up in, your financial status and other negativities surrounding your life. Where there is a will there is a way. Humans have the ability to mould their surroundings according to the whims of their minds.

We are all created by God to serve a higher and more meaningful purpose in life. Anything is achievable if we put our minds to it and are willing to put the time and effort to attain our deepest desires. There is no hopeless case, the first step is to understand that only you have the power to bring about change in your situation. If you are looked down upon by others it is really up to you to qualify it as a truth in your life or not. Self-esteem is one of the drugs that you should addict your mind to. No one can take your self-esteem away from you, it can not be taken away by force. If you let your dreams haunt you enough then you are on the right track, if you stumble and fall, pick yourself up again and continue. When you are seeing your dreams realizing themselves, and your ambitions coming through, do not lose your head and start looking downing on other people. 

Success is up to you. The paths to success and failure have been clearly marked, the paths that lead to either destination are widely known and acknowledged. What path are you taking? Are your steps bringing you closer to the realization of your dream? Take time and examine your life. If necessary change course, and be on the route to success.

Till next time, keep the inspiration . Have a progressive.